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Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa; There are many tribes and ethnic groups, many of whom wear their own style of clothing. In many parts of the country, especially in the south, both men and women prefer to wear Western clothing. Traditional clothing is worn mainly in the northern part of the country.

In other regions, traditional clothing is only worn for special occasions like festivals or weddings. The three main ethnic groups in Nigeria are the Hausa-Fulani (the largest ethnic group), Yoruba and the Igbo . The information presented on this page focuses on the traditional clothing of these ethnic groups. This information includes clothing worn by women and clothing worn by men.


Centuries ago the only reason the Igbo wore clothes was for modesty, clothes were not used for style or to display their status. Over time, their outfit has evolved. Today, most people, especially in urban areas, wear Western-style clothing. However, in rural areas they often still wear traditional clothing.

African Yoruba boubou

Traditional women's clothing is dresses resembling boubous , some of which are designed for everyday activities and others for formal occasions. Official boubous are made of more expensive fabrics which are often imported. Men generally wear boubous too, shirts and cotton sandals for daily activities. Formal wear for men consists of boubous made from a material heavier than that used for everyday clothing.


The Yoruba people of Nigeria are known for their exquisite clothing. Clothing serves as an indicator of status and wealth. For special occasions such as weddings and funerals, they wear particularly beautiful clothes.

african boubou man outfit

  •  Frozen - This is a traditional Nigerian fabric that women wrap around their heads. There are many variations of how they wrap it.
  •  Agbada - For formal events, Nigerian men often wear a dress called agbada over their clothes.
  •  Buba - A buba is a loose blouse with long sleeves and a V or round neckline. It usually goes a little below a woman's waist. Men can also wear a buba.
  •  Iro - Iros are long wraparound skirts. The rectangular skirt is worn by wrapping it around the kidneys and tucking it in at the end.
black and red african boubou - sokoto Sokotos - Sokotos are loose-fitting pants with a drawstring that keeps them in place.


Hausa-Fulani men wear a wide-sleeved robe called babban riga, which is a long dress with very long sleeves that must be folded over to expose the hands. It is the equivalent of Agbada of the Yoruba. Although the babban riga is considered a Muslim garment, almost all Nigerian men wear one for formal occasions. Hausa men also wear a traditional headgear, a round cap called fula. Hausa women wear colorful skirts (abaya) with matching blouses.


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