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An African turban is a piece of fabric tied around the head in an intricate style. It can be a strong cultural statement, a fashionable accessory, or a smart solution for those days when you don't want to do your hair. Available in many colors and patterns, fabrics and sizes, these headwear generally measure between 60 and 72 inches, the length of a scarf AVERAGE.

It can be worn for a regular day at home or for a special occasion. It may just be a simple "piece of fabric" (often), but it can highlight a woman's beauty and strength like nothing else.

Traditional African turban


The African headscarf, as it is sometimes called, has stood the test of time and history. Women have worn it for centuries in many regions. It is still important to many African American women today.

In other languages, the headscarf is called "dhuku" (in Shona language), "duku" (Chichewa), "gele" (Yoruba) and "iduku" (isiZulu).

Originating from sub-Saharan Africa, the scarf was designed using traditional colors and patterns like the kente .

Scarves often tell a woman's story. They allow everyone to know their age, marital status or wealth at a glance. They were also used in the same way as accessories today: to highlight the beauty of a woman .

History of the African turban

Unfortunately, when African women first arrived in the United States, the headscarf became a sign of their enslavement. However, when African American women and men began to fight for freedom and equality, the traditional headscarf reemerged as a symbol of Afro-centric pride and celebration.


The major advantage of the scarf is its versatility. There are so many reasons to wear a scarf:

1 - To protect hair at night: Many women use a silk or satin scarf instead of a bonnet at night, which allows them to keep their hairstyle in place and not cause the tissue to dry out.

2 -To avoid styling your hair during the day: If you don't feel like styling your hair in the morning (or the night before!), large headpieces are a great way to control your coils.

3 - To participate in a ceremony: Many African immigrants, inspired by their original culture, wear a tribal headscarf for weddings or other ceremonial events.

Why wear an African scarf

4 - To express your style: Today, many African-American women wear a scarf to express their style and simplicity. Pre-threaded African scarves are a practical way to look good and cover your hair, while non-threaded versions can be styled in many unique and attention-grabbing ways.

5 - To celebrate African heritage: As more and more women love their natural hair, many have started incorporating fashionable headbands into their everyday look, as a point of pride. African headwear (and clothing like kaftans) are also worn for cultural celebrations.

6 - To add style and meaning to church clothing: Instead of the traditional Sunday hat, some women prefer to wear a patterned or jeweled head covering.

7 - No matter what you wear, an African headpiece is a simple and sophisticated way to add color and special style while celebrating your heritage and unique beauty.


No matter what type of hairstyle you have, you can wear an African turban with short hair, long hair, braids, bangs and everything in between.

If you want to learn how to tie an African turban, don't worry, there are no complicated knots to learn . To do this, you often just need to tuck in the ends. If you're not sure where to start, here are some of the most popular packaging styles:

How to tie an African turban

The front knot turban

Hold the fabric behind your head with its ends in each of your hands. (Make sure you have an equal amount of fabric on each side). Bring your hands forward so the scarf wraps around your head from the back.

Twist the ends of the scarf around each other, then wrap them in a circle (like a sloth bun) above your eyebrows.

Tuck the ends to keep the scarf in place.

The bow tie turban

Start as you would with a front knot, but tie the ends of the scarf once at the front of your head rather than wrapping them around each other.

Tie a knot and tuck the ends.

Expand the exposed part of the knot to increase volume.

The best way to learn how to tie a scarf is to watch scarf tutorial videos. You can also use already tied scarves, there is nothing simpler.

Bow tie scarf

No matter what type of head covering you try, we strongly advise that you leave your forehead and neck exposed. A turban is meant to highlight YOU , so make sure your facial features and statement jewelry are the star.


Scarves often come in Afro-centric colors and patterns that can be difficult to mix. To simplify things, many women choose to wear scarves and boubous made from the same fabric like those offered in the Kingdom of Africa collections . This creates a fabulous and stunning look, but don't forget to mix the scarves with other clothes you already have. Pairing a brightly colored and patterned scarf with a neutral shirt and jeans can add a flash of color and style that is stunning.

Adding your favorite jewelry to a scarf brings another creative element. Try turning your favorite brooch into a hair accessory by pinning it above your eyebrows. It's a beautiful and timeless combination. Adding large hoops also gives you a very impactful look.

What to wear with an African turban

You can also try wearing a turban with a long scarf in a contrasting color. If you already own a pashmina scarf, you can also wear it as headwear, allowing you to get twice as much out of a single accessory. When putting your look together, the sky is the limit!


If you want to celebrate African culture, the African turban is a beautiful and practical way to do so. Finding a turban with a traditional African print or color can be a fun journey of discovery. Look for fabrics that are red, green, orange or black, such as tea towels, kente where the dashiki , or any other color or pattern that speaks to you.

With more and more women turning to scarves for their elegance and style, we can safely say that these accessories are not going to disappear any time soon. In fact, their popularity means there are now many places you can buy African scarves, including your favorite Afrocentric clothing stores, with the best remaining Kingdom of Africa where you are guaranteed to find the best items at the best price. Wrap your head with a scarf, a truly powerful and beautiful way to express yourself!

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